Exporting To Customers Worldwide

Switchgear Spares export high quality power distribution equipment and spare parts to customers worldwide.
As a supplier of mainly UK origin equipment, our stock is most suitable for countries with a similar power distribution network to the UK’s 132kV, 66kV, 33kV, 20kV, 11kV and 415V 50Hz supply. These countries include but are not limited to:


Middle East Africa Europe – all countries including: Asia & Pacific Caribbean
Bahrain Botswana Germany Australia Grenada
Egypt Ghana France New Zealand Jamaica
Iran Kenya Italy Pacific Islands Saint Kitts & Nevis
Iraq Malawi Ireland Hong Kong Saint Lucia
Israel Mauritius Spain Indonesia Saint Vincent
Jordan Namibia Poland Malaysia
Kuwait Nigeria Netherlands Singapore
Lebanon Sierra Leone Belgium
Oman South Africa Greece
Qatar Tanzania Portugal
Saudi Arabia Uganda Sweden
United Arab Emirates Zambia Austria
Zimbabwe Switzerland


Our sales engineers, staff and contractors are highly experienced in international trade formalities and logistics, including all aspects of documentation, trade instruments, inspection, duties and shipping.
We trade internationally on standard Incoterms only and may require cleared funds in our account or a Confirmed Letter of Credit prior to dispatch.